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Why choose PIC Nigeria?

Our clients choose us for several reasons:

1.Our training programs are customized to suit the particular needs of our clients. We realize that the one-size-fits-all approach to training does not work; consequently, our clients receive a program that is perfectly suited to their needs.

2.Our trainers are experienced consultants who have implemented the tools and techniques they are teaching in companies in Nigeria and the USA. Consequently, they are able to help our clients see the application of the techniques being taught through mission-critical project deployments using clients’ processes.

3.Our training and consulting programs are aimed at helping our clients become self-sufficient/reliant. Unlike others, we are in the business of teaching and advising our clients how to implement lean and six sigma. We will not hand you over a report and collect a pay check until deployment has commenced and progressing.

4.We have industry-diverse experience and can apply our lessons learned from implementing lean six sigma in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Medical, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Switching & Processing and Telecommunications.