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1 Design & deployment of Centralized Shared Services (CSS) platform for liability account opening – 5months duration in 2006/2007. BANK PHB Banking a) 19.7% savings from process improvement initiatives and asset consolidation. b) 20% savings from deploying Document management system. OLADAYO OGUNSEYE GROUP HEAD OPERATIONS KEYSTONE BANK 0708-477-7777 01-271-9750
2 Contact centre – Centralized Customer Service Center – 9months duration in 2007. BANK PHB Banking a) 14.7% savings from redefinition of branch customer services. b) Gradual elimination of traditional customer service desks from branches. OLADAYO OGUNSEYE GROUP HEAD OPERATIONS KEYSTONE BANK 0708-477-7777 01-271-9750
3 Retail Asset Centre – RAC – 5months duration in 2008/2009. BANK PHB Banking Value created: a) 12.4% savings from deployment anticipated in the first year. OLADAYO OGUNSEYE GROUP HEAD OPERATIONS KEYSTONE BANK 0708-477-7777 01-271-9750
4 Temenos T24 Banking application deployment in 303 business branches – 13months duration in 2009/2010. (Enterprise core banking platform change for Temenos/Oracle & Redhat approved hardware cluster system that drove bank’s IT infrastructural Architecture). BANK PHB Banking 2,150 transactions per second. OLADAYO OGUNSEYE GROUP HEAD OPERATIONS KEYSTONE BANK 0708-477-7777 01-271-9750
5 Lean six sigma project deployment for Schlumberger - Reduction in TAT for Customs Clearing Process from 65 days to 15 days for Schlumberger Nigeria in 2011 SCHLUMBERGER NIGERIA Logistics, Oil Services Value created:a) Work life balance – 45% reduction in transaction posting volume – new branch banking closure at 6pm from 9pm. b) 1.5% revenue enhancement – 98% of charges are automated. c) 50% improvement on speed of transactions. d) Platform built to handle a) Achieved a TAT of 15 days from 65 days in 4months. b) Annualized value at stake (savings) of $1million). DEJI ADENUSI +1-713-702-2407
6 Lean six sigma project deployment (for FCMB plc). 6 projects FCMB BANKING INCONCLUSIVE, CHANGE OF GUARDS  
7 Transformation of Nigerian bag manufacturing company manufacturing systems with deployment of six lean six sigma projects and workplace organization. o100% on time, in full delivery for finished goods o98% reduction in tape length variability through bobbin standardization. o65% reduction in weaving process variability. oIncrease in baling from 30 bales per man to 250 bales per man. oReduction of ink usage for printing by 70% BACGO MANUFACTURING Value created: Grew company bottom-line from $1million to $2.5million in 12 months Peter Adeyeri GROUP HEAD HR, FLOUR MILLS:0807-599-0548 Niyi Oyewole: Plant Mamanger-0807-599-0547
8 Completion of 8 lean six sigma projects for First bank with a total cost savings of =N=500M in 2012/2013. BACGO MANUFACTURING Value created: Savings of over 500m naira annualised TOPE ST. MATTHEW DANIEL
9 Lean six sigma consultancy work for Diamond Bank’s Centralize Processing Center in 2016. DIAMOND BANK BANKING a) Optimized manning levels from 477 to 377 in 6 weeks. b) Streamlined and automated critical processes in the division. ALEX ALOZIE GP HEAD OPERATIONS 0803-321-0427 ISIOMA OGADAZI, DIVISIONAL EXECUTIVE HR. 0803-402-1652
10 Provided immersion training for 1000+ Customer Service Executives & 480+ Sales Service Executives pan-Nigeria for Diamond Bank in 2016. DIAMOND BANK BANKING a) Low-cost contract staff for front-end account opening processes in all 278 branches. b) Transited high cost permanent staff from account opening to in-branch selling of products, cross selling & up-selling functions PHIL OYAWOYE GROUP HEAD DIAMOND ACADEMY 0703-680-2596 ALEX ALOZIE GP HEAD OPERATIONS 0803-321-0427 ISIOMA OGADAZI, DIVISIONAL EXECUTIVE HR. 0803-402-1652
11 Developed and successfully installed Supply chain best practice KPI’s for Confectionary, Food drinks, Foods, Gum, Mint and CCP. Developed and successfully installed company-wide shift transition system (human sigma) for increased vertical shop-floor communication/information flow. Posted a savings of =N=100M in the first year of implementation (2004) Successfully implemented the QCDSM supply chain business metrics in the Ikeja (62,000T) site. Budget Manager for =N=185M cost centre annually). QCDSM Champion for Africa, Middle East & Turkey region of Cadbury Schweppes. Regional Coordinator, championing implementation of the Cadbury Schweppes supply chain System for Ikeja, Ondo, Accra, and Nairobi plants. (Total projected savings potential of =N=300M annually). Site Champion for Focusing Resources to Win (FRW) initiative. Human capital optimization in SEVEN factories with a net savings of =N=255M in the first year of adoption (2005/2006) Leading member of Cadbury Management committee (Manufacturing Champion) Project member for Bubba gum & Chocki plants (£2million) Beverage manufacturing   New measurement track =N=100m annualised savings Created awareness for and currently championing company-wide business process waste minimization initiative to drive down supply chain costs. Achieved a reduction of 3% in sugar confectionary in 8 months (=N=35M savings) =N=300m annualised savings =N= 255m annualised savings  
12 Six sigma Trainer for: oPhillips Consulting oTom Associates Consulting oTrithel Consulting Lagos Business School. Partrinia Onuoha
13 Led development of higher velocity critical customer facing processes: O Instant customer account number generation, (over 2.5days reduction in customer account number service delivery. O Pre-generated account number to facilitate customer conversion & acquisition, leading to a 25% increase in retail customer acquisition. O Championed cross & up-selling capability development at customer touch points in the branches. O Developed & implemented enterprise-wide customer experience model. BANK PHB Banking Supported pan-Nigeria retail campaigns. Bank commenced opening of 8,000 new liability accounts per day OLADAYO OGUNSEYE GROUP HEAD OPERATIONS KEYSTONE BANK 0708-477-7777 01-271-9750
14 Identified, resolved and completed fourteen process improvement projects- oLabel loss o2L corrugation loss oBottle loss oAged inventory oCan damage, conformance to specification oStretch wrapper optimization oTravel cost optimization oPackage changeover optimization oproduct fill height (yield) optimization. -Achieved savings and cost avoidance of $650,000 in 18months. Drove Labor Savings in 2000, by an average of 10%. Drove Plant Performance increase to plan in 2000 & 2001. -Successfully installed RTY utilization to reduce manufacturing process waste by 35% in 2000. -Championed & facilitated New Defective and Obsolete Material Report (DOMR) awareness Process. -Formed Best Practice Steering Committee for Review and Implementation of Best Practices in all North U.S plants. -Initiated Pilot Study to deploy CIP strategy to the transactional departments. -Enhanced the installation and compliance to Measurement and Performance Indicators tools. (Executive Reporting, KPI Reporting, Master schedule for resource planning, Daily production communication boards). -Achieved Plant CIP external audit rating of 76% in 1999, 95% in 2000, and 99.16% in 2001. -Improved 50 processes through SOP revisions and implementation. -Drove Total Quality Environment with the COTT IMPROVEMENT PROCESSES (Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, and ISO 9001). Coached and provided support to Plant power (green) belts to ensure program success. Supervised 10 knowledge staff members COTT BEVERAGES USA MANUFACTURING SAVINGS AND PROCESS STREAM LINING DAVE WILSON SIX SIGMA MASTER BLACK BELT